Autumn Winter 21/22 

Project Deadline
1 week

These are a variety of images collected showing a realtion to the British heritage but also to contemporary art and design practice.

This is a concept I created for burberry. I made graphics/prints along with visual mock ups for a possible Autumn winter 21/22 collection whilst undergoing my interveiw process for the Textile design position.

1) Mother Nature
2)symbolism of animals
3)structures vs entropy
4) marks/ embedding

These 4 concepts stemmed from my research into English folklore.

Looking to push creative boundaries of Burberry, I constructed my designs to resemble a continuation of the Summer 21 runway season. Making sure to follow the style of Riccardo Tisci (chief creative officer of Burberry). Below are Pages from my presantion featuring  intricate and ambitious artworks alongside experimentation graphics and print 

Theses are graphics derived from my explorations, ideally used as badges,or other smaller elements that you can go on multiple garments.