Have you been Outside?

Small Acts Of Rebellion

In this project, I wanted to analyses the relationship between silence and noise. Due to this current climate of the world (COVID-19) it has forced to be at home. Being at home and having a vast amount of time on my hands. I started to look at things that I would normally just pass over in more detail. This is a documentation of my observation.


Light symbolizes a lot of different things around the world. For me in this instance it represents life. When the sun rises and come through blinds I wake. When the sunsets and the street lights come on. I know its time for the body to rest.


What does it mean to be alone? Self-isolating is the norm. This quarantine is reset period.  


Quarantine has forced me to come back home. I’m now stuck in a capsule. Finding things from past seeing how much changed. Looking at my current position and understanding why things have changed. When the weather stays the same; I’m stuck in a tirade

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