Is A House a Home?

 Expanded Cinema


Is a house a home? In expanded cinema, I aimed to break down the stereotypes of cinema. As the term cinema encompasses a set of particular objects, spaces, technologies but also an industry, culture and specific aesthetic. In looking at these qualities I wanted to highlight the relationship between mother and child, the interaction of humans and ‘cinema screen’ as well as the relationship between humans and their homes.

Inspired by two artists. Paul Sharits and Hollis Frampton. Inspired by both of paul’s work; Dream displacement and tails. I was most inspired by the way he presented his work. To me, it looks like in these pieces he’s searching something. it feels like there scans through memories. You're trying to locate something within yourself. I felt this a lot. It felt more like forgotten memories.

What was interesting about this. That we still live in the same house with the same couch/sofa. As well as recording my mums reacting I also recorded my reaction. So there 3 layers to the video. I have my mum watching the original footage and me watching my mum watch the original footage

I conducted interviews with my mum and girls where I asked 4 words and got her to describe what these words meant to them ‘Love memory family house’. Having girls all around the same ages and my mum who has gone through and experienced more of life meant something to me. Using all the front-facing windows of my house and projected each one of them. To expand cinema having the house as a time capsule loads of memories are built at home especially with the family the ones you love and hate. using my house to act as a large scale dollhouse  

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