Facade collection is a capsule project where I made clothing and a film to accompany. Due to being in the lockdown and budgeting, I did not have the resources to do this whole project in one go, hence there being Three parts. In the film, each Part is connected and flows seamlessly to make a short film. In each Part, I conducted a fashion editorial to promote the clothes which are accessible on Instagram & the Online store.

My role throughout out all of this was the Creative Director & Art Direction. I was not limited to this role because I also was Director, Editor, Sound Designer, Colour grader, Graphic designer, Casting director, Location scout, Art director & Co-Producer.

This whole project was funded & managed by myself; I also built a small team that helped me through the project, credited in the Final films’ credits and posters.

Below is the concept for the Collection.


A deceptive outward appearance.

The process of smiling. Facade. We can hide everything through the use of a smile. A smile can show the hidden structure within yourself.

When an individual smiles at you, how do you know if that smile is real. A smile can be a simple as fake it to you make it.

Our face can be saying one thing whilst our soul is saying another.