Reality Vs Why

Interaction Design is recognising these desire Lines and using them. These Desire lines could be social, technical, psychological, behavioural and psychical. We can see more conceptual forms of desire lines in social demographics, geography, politics, emotions, social situations or narratives.

Anti-affordances prevent or reduce interactions with a specific object. Traditionally, affordance is the property of an object to allow a person to perform a task. The desire line was originally an architectural term for paths made by people. Using these two principles, I created a 3d object showing the importance of sign-age in our everyday lives.


Stop Sign
Acrylic Lazer Engraved on 5mm Acrylic  

I aimed to make a see-through sign. I tested two different mediums. At first, I used screenprint ink that I watered down to make a translucent effect, but the ink was still too strong. So I moved to laser engraving, which allowed for more control to make the sign seem invisible. What I created, was a sign that can only be seen in certain positions when the light hits it.

Two way Traffi Sign
Acrylic Screen Printed on 5mm Acrylic  

Graphics I made to test Anti- Affordance in signag